• Original oil paintings on canvas by Stephanie Jakovac
  • Australian Landscapes by Stephanie Jakovac
  • Art on Glass by Stephanie Jakovac
  • Metaphorical Art by Stephanie Jakovac

I reflect on experiences and changes in my own life as well as other peoples’ lives. Everyone’s life is continuously on a ‘route’, going to a destination, perpetually changing, experiencing different feelings, emotions – and at the same time moulding the revolving experience of this world.

Join me on a journey to Slovenia! As a guest artist at the annual festival celebrating Slovenes from around the globe, I'll be showcasing my exhibition of Australian native flora. For 15 years, I've explored the Australian bush, sketching its tiny orchids and flowers to create 18 stunning paintings. Rolled up and ready to travel, they'll be stretched on frames in Slovenia.

It's an honor to represent Albury as I join international artists for a week of intense painting at an artist retreat. Through my art, I aim to share Australia's unique flora with the world, dispelling misconceptions about our country's landscape. From my studio in Albury, I bring a message of resilience and regeneration, inspired by nature's enduring beauty, especially in the aftermath of bushfires.

Catch me at the festival in June, and stay tuned for updates on my Instagram.

Curious about my work? Feel free to reach out for more information or a studio visit.