• Original oil paintings on canvas by Stephanie Jakovac
  • Australian Landscapes by Stephanie Jakovac
  • Art on Glass by Stephanie Jakovac
  • Metaphorical Art by Stephanie Jakovac

I reflect on experiences and changes in my own life as well as other peoples’ lives. Everyone’s life is continuously on a ‘route’, going to a destination, perpetually changing, experiencing different feelings, emotions – and at the same time moulding the revolving experience of this world.


My upcoming solo exhibition...



Art Space Wodonga
Friday 16 March to Saturday 28 April

OFFICIAL OPENING is by Fleur Stelling on Friday 16 March 16 at 5.30pm

Regenerate is a series of new paintings that shine a spotlight on the ecological processes of destruction, regeneration and renewal after a bushfire. Juxtaposed with botanical studies of native flowers growing here around Chiltern, Mount Pilot National Park and Nail Can Hill, I am presenting an enquiry that fuses careful observation and whimsy.